Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary Closes Her Eyes

The following information is based on Porphyrygrampus’ personal research. This is a video of the Addolorata, Our Lady of Sorrows, who has the end chapel on the right in Santa Maria Maggiore, Ispica SE Sicily. The video was taken by handicapped 24yr old Domenico Di Martino during the annual Procession of Our Lady of Sorrows on Sunday of September 18, 1994, with his new TV video camera. Several other parishioners noticed the statue closing eyes during the procession. He was amazed by what he saw, showed it to the parish priest & finally there was a broadcast on Sicilian TV about it (this is an extract) & an article in the daily La Sicilia. Antonino cd be the autistic Mexican boy reported to have heard the Virgin speak to him saying she was closing her eyes so as not to see the sins of this world. The broadcast spoke about him, saying he had improved enormously.

Thank you Porphyrygrampus for the information and photos regarding the Addolorata of Santa Maria Maggiore.

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