Be afraid,be very afraid.Wanna be friends with the retired Chief Exorcist from the Vatican.Heck it’s easy

Life and work

Amorth was born in Modena, Emilia. He was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1954 and became an official exorcist in June 1986, under the tutelage of Candido Amantini.[1] He is a member of the Society of St. Paul, the congregation founded by James Alberione in 1914. In 1990, he founded the International Association of Exorcists and was president until he retired, at 75, in 2000. He is now honorary president for life of the association.[2]

Amorth’s favorite film is The Exorcist. He thinks that it is substantially correct and based on a true story, although the special effects are exaggerated. In an interview with the London Sunday Telegraph, Amorth stressed that “People need to know what we do.”[3]

Father is on Facebook-thank you Father.Mostly in Italian of course but you can translate.Takes a a little work with the translation but you get the idea.

Friend him on Facebook .He is very active-or do you dare:)

Padre Amorth: «Ho passato al mio successore due chili di oggetti sputati dagli indiavolati. Ma i primi a non crederci sono i vescovi»
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