Virgin Mary has reportedly “cried blood” and manifested changes in its figure since Tuesday morning.

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Image of Virgin Mary ‘cries blood’


Parishioners and local tourists visit the "Birhen sa Lourdes" chapel in Liloan, Catarman, Camiguin province, since Tuesday, when residents reported that their patron saint's statue was "crying blood" and manifested some changes in its figure. (Camcer Ordonez Iman)

LILOAN, Camiguin Province – Parishioners and curious local tourists continue to visit a chapel in Camiguin where a statue of the Virgin Mary has reportedly “cried blood” and manifested changes in its figure since Tuesday morning.

The chapel is situated at Liloan, Catarman town, Camiguin, where a certain Jane Roquesa Sia reported the “miraculous crying of blood” of their patron saint Birhen sa Lourdes.

Sia, who lives in the neighborhood said she went inside the chapel Tuesday morning, carrying her six-month-old baby.

She said her attention was caught by the unusual reaction of her baby whose eyes were fixed on the statue of the Virgin Mary.

And when she looked at the statue, she was surprised to see blood coming out of its eyes.

Aside from “crying blood”, parishioners say the hands of the Virgin Mary, which were supposedly held together, are now separated.

Fr. Ricardo Dancila, parish priest of Liloan, refused to comment on the said changes on the statue of Virgin Mary, pending evaluation of the said “miracle”. (Camcer Ordonez Imam)


The incredible reversal of Ireland, the stark betrayal of Christian principles, the tremendous disappointment in what was a short time ago the most Catholic of nations — the national vote okaying marriage between those of the same gender — has unsurprisingly brought thoughts back to phenomena and prophecies that occurred there, as if in preparation, during the 1980s and 1990s.

It was then, across the emerald isle, that statues of the Virgin Mary seemed to be coming to life. The statues were at roadside shrines or “grottos.”

This is a nation that has grottos, most dedicated to Lourdes, at virtually every village entrance — and a statue of her at its major airport.

Back in the 1990s: strange fogs were descending on the miniature shrines and when the fog cleared these grottos would seem to temporarily “disappear,” replaced by the spectacle of a shimmering heavenly meadow with the living three-dimensional figure of the Virgin standing there instead of a statue.

This happened at dozens of places hundreds of miles apart, where folks had not heard of what was transpiring elsewhere.

While newspapers, like our current-day bloggers, mocked the reports as a product of “the silly season,” adults and children alike insisted they were seeing Mary and receiving messages about the world — and its immorality, its coming darkness.

The statues were smiling, frowning, or turning (allegedly; yes, we’ll use that term). They were disappearing and giving way to living apparitions with messages similar to Betania in Venezuela, Kibeho in Rwanda, and Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Anyone who wanted to hear forecasts of coming events was in the right place along Ireland’s winding roads.

The “epidemic” actually started in 1985 near a village south of Cork called Ballinspittle. There a 70-inch statue of the Lourdes Virgin in a small cave up a steep vine-laden knoll gained instant notoriety. Phenomena occurred on and around it. The reports were everywhere, to the befuddlement of secularists who did not yet rule the day.

“They were looking for explanations, but there was no rational explanation,” said a priest, Father Gerard McGinnity, of Saint Patrick’s College in Armagh, shortly after the outbreak. “Our Lady was asked if the moving statues were only in Ireland, and she said this was happening especially for Ireland — a kind of preparatory stage. Why throughout Ireland? At the present time I could see Ireland as the place where the residue of faith is strongest. Our Blessed Mother is turning to this nation in the hope that we’ll spread this to the rest of the world — in hopes she would find a foothold here.”

Alas, such does not appear to be what has occurred.

Similar oddities were noticed in the hill country between Cork and Killarney.

And in some cases, it wasn’t just movements or superimpositions (images coming to life on statues). It was full-fledged, speaking apparitions — often, speaking a warning.

“Pray more for the conversion of sinners,” Mary putatively told one of the pilgrims/seers, Mary Casey, the mother of nine children (in this nation that is also edging toward the regularization of abortion). “I want you to remember bishops, priests, nuns, and all in the religious life in your prayers. Satan has begun to thwart my plans. I am always with you. Be not afraid of temptation. I want your prayers continuously.”

It was a nation that would soon be shamed by priestly sex-abuse crises, along with horror stories from those who had been in Catholic schools and orphanages.

A true Catholic tragedy this was — is. No wonder that the nation, of so many good people, and still many of them devout Catholics, would be visited by the glowing figure of a tall and exquisitely beautiful, motherly, but worried woman.

Other saints, and Jesus, were also seen: people claimed to witness the face of the Lourdes Virgin turn into the bearded countenances of Christ, especially as the Jesus of Mercy, or into holy figures like Padre Pio, Saint Joseph, Saint Thérèse the Little Flower, Saint Anthony, Saint Maria Goretti, and even Pope Pius XII.

In some places, balls of fire were seen falling, or there were huge rents in the earth; the sea flooding in. Prophetic images, they claimed. We’ll have more detail on this in a special report next week. “Woe,” was a message alleged to have come to a visionary near Cairn from Christ. A blood-red moon was seen. There were warnings especially about fornication, murder, abortion, and test-tube babies. Chastisement could come more swiftly than the wind, a seer told us. As for the water, it would start gently and then build up without stopping. [See our book, The Final Hour]. This was said at a Lourdes grotto inside Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s Church in Bessbook. “My angels are touching the earth,” was a message. “They haven’t struck. Mark what I say: They haven’t struck.”

In one case, at Melleray, a demon was observed. To the great relief of onlookers, he disappeared after a minute, but Mary warned that if the world did not improve, “the devil will take over God’s Church in ten years.”

“I love the Irish people,” she reportedly intoned. “I am praying with the people of God, to forgive the Irish people. I want the Irish people to spread my message to the world.”

Instead, the message is same-sex marriage.

And the lesson is that at least for now, a stronghold of Catholicism has succumbed — dramatically and dangerously — to the culture.

Be afraid,be very afraid.Wanna be friends with the retired Chief Exorcist from the Vatican.Heck it’s easy

Life and work

Amorth was born in Modena, Emilia. He was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1954 and became an official exorcist in June 1986, under the tutelage of Candido Amantini.[1] He is a member of the Society of St. Paul, the congregation founded by James Alberione in 1914. In 1990, he founded the International Association of Exorcists and was president until he retired, at 75, in 2000. He is now honorary president for life of the association.[2]

Amorth’s favorite film is The Exorcist. He thinks that it is substantially correct and based on a true story, although the special effects are exaggerated. In an interview with the London Sunday Telegraph, Amorth stressed that “People need to know what we do.”[3]

Father is on Facebook-thank you Father.Mostly in Italian of course but you can translate.Takes a a little work with the translation but you get the idea.

Friend him on Facebook .He is very active-or do you dare:)

Padre Amorth: «Ho passato al mio successore due chili di oggetti sputati dagli indiavolati. Ma i primi a non crederci sono i vescovi»

Priest warns pupils the ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ is ‘demonic activity’ Saints John Neumann and Mario Goretti Catholic High School in Philadelphia,

Priest warns pupils the ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ is ‘demonic activity’

Father McCarthy said in a letter: ‘I want to remind you all there is no such thing as ‘innocently playing with demons”

A priest has called the ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ “demonic activity“, in an open letter warning his students against taking it.

In an open letter to pupils at the Saints John Neumann and Mario Goretti Catholic High School in Philadelphia, America, Father Stephen McCarthy said there was no way of knowing what could happen if they took the challenge.

The letter said: “There is a dangerous game going around on social media which openly encourages impressionable young people to summon demons.

“I want to remind you all there is no such thing as ‘innocently playing with demons’.

“Please be sure to NOT participate and and encourage others to avoid participation as well.

“The problem with opening yourself up to demonic activity is that it opens a window of possibilities which is not easily closed.”

The ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ trended on Twitter yesterday, as videos were posted of users taking the challenge, which involves balancing pencils in a cross, surrounded by the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’, in a rudimentary form of a Ouija board.

The challenge is supposed to have been an “ancient Mexican tradition”, which supposedly summons a visit from a demon, which is indicated to be present by the movement of the pencils towards the word ‘yes’.

Donal Enright Apparition of Our Lord 1976.wmv



Published on May 8, 2012

Donal Enright, from Cork in Ireland, describes here an important apparition that he saw in San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy on the 23rd of September 1976.

The interviewer was Brian Nugent, author of An Creideamh, Slí na Fírinne, and a number of other titles on history and politics. Many thanks to all who helped set up and facilitate this interview.


A married couple in Florida, Tito and Amanda Watts, were arrested a few days ago for selling “golden tickets to heaven” to hundreds of people.

Douglas Avery's photo.

A married couple in Florida, Tito and Amanda Watts, were arrested a few days ago for selling “golden tickets to heaven” to hundreds of people.

They sold the tickets on the street for $99.99 per ticket, told buyers the tickets were made from solid gold, and that each ticket reserved the buyer a spot in heaven — simply present the ticket at the pearly gates and you’re in.

Tito Watts said in his police statement: “I don’t care what the police say. The tickets are solid gold… And it was Jesus who give them to me behind the KFC and said to sell them so I could get me some money to go to outer space. I met an alien named Stevie who said if I got the cash together he’d take me and my wife on his flying saucer to his planet that’s made entirely of drugs. You should arrest Jesus because he’s the one that gave me the golden tickets and said to sell them. I’m willing to wear a wire and set Jesus up….”

Amanda Watts said in her police statement:” “We just wanted to leave earth and go to space and do drugs. I didn’t do nothing. Tito sold the golden tickets to heaven. I just watched.”

Police said they confiscated over $10,000 in cash, drug paraphernalia, and a baby alligator.

Blessed Virgin Mary’s Apparitions and Prophecies in Amsterdam

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The world is sliding downward into degeneration, disaster, and war. What do all the unprecedented headlines of today have in common? They were all predicted over 50 years ago. Predictions made by a woman and revealed to the world through another woman. This documentary explores these decades-old predictions and finds them to be startlingly accurate. But are the more than prophecies? Could they hold the key to true world peace?