Satanist Claims Catholic Priest Gave Him Host for Black Mass

With one month to go before a satanic group in Oklahoma City a public “black mass,” the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City is suing to force the group to hand over a consecrated Host it claims to have.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in the District Court of Oklahoma County, claims Satanic leader Adam Daniels and his religious organization, the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, have “unlawfully taken possession of property belonging to the Roman Catholic Church, specifically a Consecrated Host.”

Daniels, who has claimed publicly to have the Host, clarified in an interview that the Host he plans to use at the black mass came from a member of his group who is a Catholic priest in a foreign country.

“One of my priests in a foreign country is also a Catholic priest and he is the one who consecrated it himself and mailed it to me, and I’m not going to reveal his name and I’m not going to reveal what country he’s from,” Daniels said in a phone interview Wednesday.

He said that he had not yet been served with the lawsuit and would not yet have any comment.

New Fatima Revelation?

Around 16 of January 3, 1944, in the chapel of the convent, before the tabernacle, Lucia asked Jesus to let her know his will: “I feel then that the hand of friendship, loving and motherly touches my shoulder.”

E ‘”the Mother of Heaven” that says, “Stay in peace and write what you command, but not what I was given to understand its significance,” meaning to allude to the meaning of the vision that the Virgin herself had revealed.
Immediately after – says Sister Lucia – “I heard the spirit flooded by a mystery of light that is God, and in Him I have seen and heard: the tip of the spear like a flame that is detached, touches the axis of the earth, and it trembles mountains , cities, towns and villages with their inhabitants are buried. The sea, the rivers and the clouds are out of limits, overflow, flood and drag along in a whirlwind, homes and people into a number that can not be counted, is the purification of the world from sin in which they are immersed. The hatred, ambition, causing destructive war. After I heard the accelerated throb of the heart and in my spirit a soft voice that said, ‘in time, one faith, one baptism, one Church, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. In eternity, Heaven! ‘. This word ‘Heaven’ filled my heart with peace and happiness, so that, almost without realizing, I kept telling myself for a long time: the sky, the sky. “
Antonio Socci suggests that this diary entry seems to lend credence to the assertion of his 2006 book that there were indeed two parts to the Fatima revelation, one of which is the vision of the “Bishop in white” released in the year 2000 and another part, perhaps composed at a different time and sent later and thus not considered part of the ‘secret’ by some in the Vatican, that contains the ‘meaning of the vision.’
During a pilgrimage to Fatima in 2010, Pope Benedict said, “It is mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is completed.”

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Rome’s Chief Exorcist Reveals the Secrets of Hell

In 2012, the cause of beatification and canonization for Fr. Candido Amantini, a Passionist priest who served as the exorcist for the diocese of Rome for 36 years at the Scala Santa, was taken up in Rome. His most famous disciple (who is considered to be his successor) is 87 year old Don Gabriele Amorth, who wanted to participate in the opening ceremony of the process. The Pauline priest, who recently published the book, The Last Exorcist, wished to remember the Passionist Father and told us about the time when then devil argued with his teacher about Hell.

Don Amorth, are you happy? Fr. Candido will become a blessed.

It is a great joy because Fr. Candido was a man of God! He was always serene, always smiling, never angry even with the devil! Everyone was talking about him, he was extremely well known in Rome, where he served as exorcist for 36 years without ever quitting.

What do you remember about your teacher?

He was endowed with special charisms. For example, it was enough for him to see a photograph to determine whether a person needed an exorcism or medical treatment …

In what sense?

I’ll relate one episode. One day I was with him and he showed me three photographs that had been brought to him. He took the first, which portrayed a man, and he said to me: “Do you see, Don Amorth?”. And I replied: “I don’t see anything”. And he responded: “This man doesn’t need anything”. Then he took the photo of a woman and asked me again: “Do you see, Don Amorth?”, and again I responded: “I don’t understand anything, Don Candido”. His response was: “This woman greatly needs medical treatment, she needs to go see the doctors and not the exorcists”. Finally, he took the third photo picturing a young lady: “Do you see Fr. Amorth? This young lady needs an exorcism, do you see?”. and I replied: “Fr. Candido, I don’t see anything! I only see if someone is beautiful or ugly. And to be quite honest, this young lady isn’t bad at all!”. And he burst out laughing! I had made a joke, but he had already understood that that girl needed God.

You’ve said before that Fr. Candido never got angry, not even with the devil. Was Satan afraid of him?

He was very afraid of him, he trembled before him! He would immediately run away. In reality, the devil is afraid of all of us, one only needs to live in God’s grace!

Obviously you witnessed Don Amantini’s exorcisms…

Of course! I went to them for six years. I was appointed exorcist in 1986 and I began to perform exorcisms with him beginning that year. Then in 1990, two years before he died, I began performing exorcisms alone because he wasn’t practicing anymore. When someone went to him he responded: “Go see Fr. Amorth”. That is why I am considered to be his successor…

Was Fr. Candido ironic even with the devil?

I want to tell you about one very important episode to help you understand a truth. You need to know that when there’s a case of diabolical possession, there is a dialogue between the exorcist and the devil. Satan is a great liar, but sometimes the Lord obliges him to tell the truth. Once Fr. Candido was liberating a person after many exorcisms and with his typical irony he told the devil: “Go away for the Lord has created a nice warm home for you, he has prepared a little house for you where you won’t suffer from the cold”. However, the devil interrupted him and replied: “You don’t know anything”.

What did he mean?

When the devil interrupts with a saying like this, it means that God has obliged him to tell the truth. And this time it was extremely important. The faithful often ask me: “But how is it possible that God created Hell, why did he think of a place of suffering?”. And so that time the devil responded to the provocations of Fr. Candido by revealing an important truth about Hell: “It was not Him, God, who created Hell! It was us. He hadn’t even thought of it!” Therefore in the plan of God’s creation the existence of Hell had not been contemplated. The demons created it! During exorcisms, I have also often asked the devil: “Did you create Hell?”. And his response has always been the same: “We all cooperated”.

What advice did Fr. Candido give you?

He have me a lot of advice, especially in the final two years of his life. The most important? To be a man of faith and prayer and always to ask the intercession of Mary Most Holy. And then to always be humble, because an exorcist has to know that he isn’t worth a quid without God. It’s the Lord that makes the exorcism work. If he doesn’t intervene, the exorcism isn’t worth anything.


“The abridged Black Mass (from the Satanic Rituals by [Anton] LaVey) will take place,” he said. “Then The Choke [a local band] will perform. After that, Matthew Garman will have a Satanic (Ahrimanic) Exorcism done [which purports to remove the Holy Spirit from him]. Kelsey [Daniels] and I will be presiding over this rite. Before each ritual I will lecture on the purpose and point of each ritual as it pertains to the Ahrimanic [Satanic] Faith.”

Flamenco dancing priest attracts more parishioners (Video)

For those who imagine the Catholic church in Spain as a solemn place with incense burning, think again, as news comes in from the southern Spanish city of Málaga of a flamenco dancing priest, attracting new followers to his church in a most unusual way.
José Planas Moreno, 66, is known as Father Pepe to his parishioners and is no ordinary, everyday Roman Catholic priest.
Recently interviewed by the local daily newspaper, Diario Sur, Moreno said, “They say if you pray singing its worth two prayers, so if you pray while dancing it must be worth three.”
What Father Pepe does to attract new visitors to his church is to challenge female churchgoers to a literal flamenco face-off, and he does it so well, as can be seen in the video above.
The video was uploaded to YouTube on July 23, and so far the comments are positive, ranging from “Me encanto. Fabuloso!” (I love it. Fabulous!) to “Olé Pepe con tu arte en la parroquia viva tu” (Bravo Pepe, with your art you keep the parish alive).