Police Rejects ChurchMilitant’s Yellow Journalism

Derek Cid, the Chief of Police of Saint Marys Police Department, USA, published an April 27 press release, after ChurchMilitant.com had accused his department of having “mishandled” abuse allegations. In Saint Marys, a big part of the population belongs to PiusX.

Without naming ChurchMilitant.com, Cid replied that “the statements of victims of sexual abuse being told, their allegations were ‘hearsay’ and that they were ‘blown off,’ are honestly frightening, and not one, anyone currently working at this police department would make without serious consequences.”


Bishop Withdraws Support For Apocalyptic ‘Seer’

April 26, 2020 by sd

From Countdown to the Kingdom:

On April 23rd, 2020, Fr. Michel Rodrigue informed us that his bishop, Rev. Gilles Lemay, does not support Fr. Michel’s messages; he stated to Fr. Michel, in writing, that he does not support the idea of “the Warning, the chastisements, the third World War, the Era of Peace, any construction of refuges, et cetera.” Fr. Michel, wishing to remain obedient, has asked Countdown to the Kingdom to remove any mention on this website of his bishop’s support of his messages, which we have done.ShareTweet

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Thorn of Christ Has Changed-Picture


Coronavirus-Panic: Thorn of Christ Has Changed

The Holy Thorn, a part of Christ’s crown of thorns which is preserved in Andria Cathedral, Italy, has become brighter in colour, wrote Andria Bishop Luigi Mansi, 67 (DiocesiAndria.org, April 19).

The relic changes its appearance usually when Annunciation of Our Lady falls on Good Friday what wasn’t the case this year. In the past, drops of blood on the thorn liquefied, the appearance of silvery whitish grew, and even flowering occurred.

During this Holy Week, the relic became somewhat lighter in colour. This was confirmed by Mansi’s coworkers and by scientists.


The bishop published different photos (see picture), but states that this year’s phenomenon was “less conspicuous than the usual prodigious signs.”

Divine Mercy Miracle? Light Beams From Divine Mercy Image During Parish Mass Live-Stream Video

Whoa! What do you think of this?

Father José Guadalupe Aguilera Murillo of San Isidro Labrador Catholic Church in Querétaro, Mexico broadcasted Mass via livestream this past Sunday amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, something unexpected occurred during the stream.

Since the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of Divine Mercy on Sunday,  Fr. Murillo placed the image in the video’s background. However, if you look closely, the rays of white light beam from the image across the altar.

Here’s the video below:


Catholic Bishop: Gov. Cuomo is “Not in Communion With the Catholic Church,” He’s “Ex-Communioned”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s name has been in the news a lot lately because of his efforts to save lives in one of the areas hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis.

But a little more than a year ago, the Catholic politician got a lot of press for a very different reason. He signed radical pro-abortion law allowing unborn babies to be aborted for almost any reason up to birth in New York. Then, he celebrated.

CNS News reports Catholic Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas said Cuomo is not in communion with the church because of his abortion activism, and more Catholic leaders should make that clear.

“Andrew Cuomo makes it clear that he doesn’t believe Catholic teaching and therefore he’s ex-communioned. He’s out of communion,” Strickland said, referring to the governor’s record on abortion.

“I think to make it clear, and thankfully some of the bishops in other places have taken steps to basically say that, that a politician or anyone who says, ‘I don’t agree with the Catholic Church on basic critical issues,’ they’re choosing to be out of communion,” the bishop continued.

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“I think we need to be clear that people like Andrew Cuomo are not in communion with the Catholic Church, and therefore should not be receiving the Body of Christ,” Strickland said.

Strickland also spoke out when Cuomo signed the radical pro-abortion law in January 2019.

According to the report:

… Bishop Richard Stika of Knoxville, Tenn., tweeted in January 2019, “Someone asked me today if I would issue an excommunication of a Catholic Governor under my jurisdiction if the Governor did the same as in New York. I think I might do it for any Catholic legislator under my jurisdiction who voted for the bill as well as the Governor.”

Strickland also tweeted, “I’m with Bishop Stika. I’m not in a position to take action regarding legislation in New York but I implore bishops who are to speak out forcefully. In any sane society this is called INFANTICIDE!!!!!!!!!!”

Cuomo claims to value human life. Recently, he emphasized that restrictions due to the coronavirus are necessary, saying, “If everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.” But he does not think the same way about babies in the womb.