On 3/12/23 -10am Homily- about the Eucharistic Miracle on 3/5/23 at St Thomas Church, Thomaston, CT video

On March 5, 2023, there was a Eucharistic miracle – multiplying of the Host – during the distribution of communion… it was reported immediately by an extraordinary minister who was a last-minute substitution for the Pastor (whose thumb was bandaged before the Mass). The Pastor is Rev. Joseph Crowley of the St Maximilian Kolbe Parish at St Thomas Catholic church in Thomaston, CT. This parish was previously known as St Thomas Parish until a merger and was the last parish served by Blessed Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus. This video is the beginning of the 3/12/23 Homily where Fr Crowley reviews the details of the Miracle that he witnessed at the 3/5/23 10am Mass. We are in the year of the Eucharistic Revival! Log into Facebook STMKP | Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish


“A Person in White Fed Me”: Boy Stuck Under Rubble Miraculously Survives Earthquake in Turkey

Pray for Turkey and Syria!

On Feb. 6, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, devastating millions and killing approximately 42,000. The death toll continues to rise as rescue efforts are underway.

One incredible testimony moving across social media discusses the miraculous survival story of a five-year-old boy rescued 192 hours (8 days) after the earthquake.

Upon questioning, authorities asked how he survived for so long.

According to the French organization SOS Christians of the East, the boy said a man dressed in white provided him food and water and disappeared.

Here’s the tweet below:

The Mystery Man Near Chattanooga

The Mystery Man Near Chattanooga

August 4, 2022 by sd

[adapted from Lying Wonders, Strangest Things]:

Was it . . . an angel?

One of the most incredible accounts I’ve heard involved a Christian chemist named Vincent Tan Ban Soon, who emigrated from Singapore. He was working in a laboratory late the night of March 25, 1993, this in Tennessee, and about 1:30 a.m., as he readied to leave, he happened to look out the door and spot a man standing next to his car, on the passenger side.

It was a tough part of town, known for its crime.

Fearing assault, Vincent grabbed a rod and, just in case, held it behind his back as he exited. He also gave thought to chi-sao¸ a form of martial arts he knew. As he opened the car door, he nervously asked the stranger if he needed something.

“Hi, Vincent,” the fellow replied. Somehow, the stranger knew Tan’s name.

“Do I know you?’ asked Tan.

“Not really,” said the man, who was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, thirty to thirty-five years in age, with short, well-groomed hair.

“What is your name and who are you?” Tan summoned the courage to insist.

“I have the name of the secondary and primary school,” replied the stranger cryptically.

Though Buddhist at the time, now evangelical, Tan had attended Saint Gabriel primary and secondary school in Singapore. Continued this fellow: “You don’t need to use chi-sao on me.”

How could this stranger have read his thoughts! When Vincent asked him just that, the man cryptically replied, “I know.” Then, in a different, more serious tone—an unforgettable one, referring to Jesus—the stranger said, “He’s coming very, very soon.” The man had had a normal American voice, said Tan, no accent, about six-feet-tall, very normal and casual except the sense of urgency, when he mentioned
the Second Coming.

Soon? Jesus?

When Tan turned for a moment, the young fellow was no longer anywhere around.

Had that been the extent of it, I would have rationalized it in my head as a possible hoax played on Tan.   religious fanatic? . . .

There was, however, a second experience two days before Christmas that same year, in a way more astonishing.

This time it occurred on the way home from visiting a friend, when Vincent spotted a truck on the roadside— obvious car trouble. This was on Standifer Gap Road in Collegedale, about twenty miles from Chattanooga.

As Tan pondered whether he should risk stopping, he saw that it was an old man, maybe seventy-five, dressed in overalls—perhaps a farmer. He had a very old Ford truck.

When Tan pulled over, the man explained that he needed a jump. His battery was dead. He was clean-shaven, perhaps 5’8″, and a bit stout, with a full head of gray-white hair. Gray eyebrows. Normal nose—a bit pinched at the end.

Tan didn’t think he had his jumper cables with him but remembered how he had recently gotten a car started by using a metal clothes hanger instead.

It turned out that Tan did have his cables and this fellow connected his end of the cables with abnormal speed despite using no flashlight in the pitch-dark night. It was cold and so they waited in Tan’s own truck (he also owned a car) while the stranger’s Ford was charging.

That was when the man asked if they could pray. “God can work miracles, even start a car with coat hangers,” he commented—somehow knowing about the incident!

His prayer: “Most holy and powerful God in Heaven, we know You are coming very, very soon. Help us now in Your own time and way, in Jesus’s Name. Amen.”

The stranger asked Tan if he believed the Lord was coming and when Vincent said yes, he repeated that it would be soon.

He also knew, somehow, that Tan had a King James Bible in the vehicle, and asked to use it (it was in the glove compartment), commenting that Bible study “is like being in a big room with many candles that are lit.”

Again incredibly: Tan recently had had a dream about a room with many candles—but not all of them lit!
The old man also alluded to Matthew 24:36 and 42 (about not knowing the “hour,” and therefore being

Lastly: the stranger referred to Revelation 3:11 (“Behold, I come quickly . . . ”)

There was something in his voice that was extraordinarily powerful, recalled Tan.

After the Ford was charged, and before he left, the stranger said he was leaving a little token of appreciation. “It will be enough to fill up your car tomorrow with gas,” he intoned, again coyly.

Tan followed the man until they came upon a sharp curve, around which the Ford was suddenly no longer a part of the treeless landscape. “He had disappeared in front of my eyes!” Vincent told me.

The next morning, on the way to telling a friend what had happened, he decided to fill up his car. When he got to the pump he realized the tank was almost full. He filled it anyhow. It came to $2.34.

The next time Tan tidied up his truck, he found some money on the passenger side where the stranger had sat: a quarter, a nickel, four pennies, and two one-dollar bills . . . “exactly $2.34.”

–Michael H. Brown

[resources: Lying Wonders, Strangest Things]


Saint Peter’s: Pelosi Grabs Communion


145215 hours ago

Saint Peter’s: Pelosi Grabs Communion

Nancy Pelosi – an abortion-propagandist barred from receiving Communion by San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone – grabbed Communion during Francis’ June 29 Saints Peter and Paul Eucharist.

Pelosi is currently in Rome as part of a family vacation and used this as an opportunity to stick it to Cordileone.

She picked up Communion from one of the co-presiding priests, CruxNow.com reports.


The Blessed Sacrament stops a severe flood

The Blessed Sacrament stops a severe flood.
On Monday, November 29, 1433, the city of Avignon (department of Vaucluse in southern France) experienced a severe flood, as torrential rain fell on the region. The River Rhone, overflowing its bed, spilled into the lower elevations, where the poorest population lived. The chapel of the Confraternity of the Gray Penitents, on Teinturiers Street, was flooded during the office of vespers in the late afternoon.
Disaster levels hit on the following day as the flood waters increased hourly, and remained high for two days.
But on that day (November 30), something extraordinary happened: “During the office of Prime, about twenty faithful rushed to the flooded chapel to salvage what they could. They were led by Master Armand and Master Jean de Pouzilhac-Faure, heads of the Gray Penitents. 
What they saw inside left them speechless: “On both sides towards the walls, the water was four feet high, flooding the chests containing the Brothers’ robes, but it was inexplicably lower in the middle… and the two level were connected by a slanted slope like a sloped roof…!”  
Additionally, “the pews closer to the walls were under water while the ones closer to the nave were dry…and the nave itself and the altar were completely protected!”  And there was more: the official papers, liturgical cloths and reliquaries stored under the altar were also dry!
Arnaud and Jean went to fetch the Franciscans friars from the city to witness the miracle. Four of them – including three theologians – arrived at the site and recorded the occurrence.
A copy of the report dating from 1510 is still preserved in the regional archives. 
The Confraternity of Penitents has been commemorating this miracle every year, on Saint Andrew’s Day. Wearing a rope around the neck and  barefoot, they proceed down the nave of their chapel on their knees, all the way to the altar. Before the Benediction, they sing the canticle of Moses evoking the miraculous passage of the Hebrews through the Red Sea (Ex 15:1-18).
The “loyal and devout Confraternity” of the Gray Penitents of Avignon was founded in the 13th century for a precise mission: to promote and facilitate the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, perpetually exposed in their chapel.
The Mary of Nazareth Team

Exorcist Diary #193: Satan Witnesses to the Power of Prayer to End Abortion

(The Praying Nun, 1829, Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, German)

The local priest-exorcist received an urgent call from the Convent. That morning the Sisters woke up and went down to their chapel. They found their wood tabernacle upside down on the floor and the Eucharist still in its monstrance standing upright next to it. The Sisters were spooked.

The doors to their Convent had been securely locked the night before and were still solidly locked in the morning. Moreover, the handful of Sisters, all strong in the faith, were not awakened to any sounds through the night. The tabernacle had been bolted to the table and its base was now split in two. To split the base of the tabernacle and take it off the table could not have been done quietly. It would have required it being forcibly yanked from its base. In short, what occurred was not humanly possible on several accounts, as the Exorcist quickly surmised.

If the attack was demonic, and all signs pointed to it, why did the demons single out the convent? The Sisters live a short distance from the State Capitol and not far from an abortion clinic. They are a quiet contemplative presence and clearly pro-life, participating in local pro-life events. In the wake of the potential overturning of Roe vs. Wade, there have lately been a number of abortion advocates in front of the Capitol protesting. Are such demonstrations an opening to the demonic?

Satan choosing to harass these Sisters in such an obvious way tells us several things:

*The possibility of Roe vs. Wade being overturned is a huge threat to Satan’s

dark kingdom. He uncharacteristically broke out of hiding to visibly

threaten the Sisters. He must be desperate.

*The Evil One recognizes the power of the Sisters’ prayer and witness, and

believes it is essential to stop them in order to accomplish his goals. Perhaps

it is such prayer, as much as anything, that is turning the tide.

*While God allowed Satan to break their tabernacle, He did not allow Satan

to touch or desecrate the Eucharist. It remained intact and upright in the

monstrance. Jesus is Lord!

The Exorcist first cleansed their chapel and house, using the Leo XIII deliverance prayers found in the ritual for exorcists. Then he said to them, “These are just demonic antics. Don’t let them frighten you. That is Satan’s goal: to frighten you into backing off. Rather, it suggests that whatever you are doing is spiritually important and you ought to do more of it! Satan’s harassment is a confirmation of you and the importance of your life.”

Everything Satan does, much to his dismay and rage, witnesses to the Truth and redounds to his own destruction. For the Kingdom of God to triumph, it only takes a few faithful hearts dedicated to prayer and united in the Eucharistic Lord.



Santiago de Compostela Archbishop Julián Barrio, Spain, has condemned a lewd video recorded in San Mamede de Piñeiro Parish Church in Ames.

Video: Blasphemers Used Dishonesty and Deceit

Santiago de Compostela Archbishop Julián Barrio, Spain, has condemned a lewd video recorded in San Mamede de Piñeiro Parish Church in Ames.

He noticed that it violates fundamental rights, specifically that of religious freedom, which includes respect for “religious feelings.”

Barrios had prohibited the use of the church in writing, but the offenders used deceit, took advantage of the good faith of the parish priest, and concealed from him their dirty intentions and the refusal they had received from the archdiocese.

The filming was done in the absence of the priest and the sacristan. The video shows obscene dances in the pews and in front of the Novus Ordo meal-table. At the end a woman is aping a consecration and simulating giving out Communion. The main offender in the video is called Berto.

In Roman Rite Churches, the altar is protected by altar rails.


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