Lance Raymundo’s ‘miracle’: I heard, saw Jesus

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“During my delirious state — knowing that I couldn’t be [operated on] for three weeks, knowing that ‘yung life ko 50-50, and with my left eye blind — I had a vision of the future all of a sudden, showing me looking like this, back in the business, all good things. It could be just a good dream, right?” Raymundo narrated.

He recalled hearing a voice he compared to the ominous “Big Brother” from the popular reality TV series. Raymundo explained that he couldn’t pinpoint where the voice was coming from, as it seemed to come from all directions.

“This is exactly what the voice said, in English, sabi niya sa akin: ‘You’re only going to suffer for six days, but on the seventh day, I’m bringing you back, because I have a mission for you. I want you to continue what you’re doing,'” he said.

“So I answered the voice, in my mind. Sabi ko, ‘As much as I’d like to believe this, I know naman na three weeks pa bago ako mabuksan… Sana totoo ‘to, sana hindi ito imagination ko lang.’ Because you know when you’re in that state, you would like to hear what you want to hear, ‘diba?”

The voice, Raymundo recalled, challenged him to sit up on his bed to find “the answer,” as if to disprove his doubts about his recovery.

“The voice said that if I have enough stregth to at least sit down on my bed, I’m going to know the answer… I sat down, I struggled, and then nagulat ako, ‘yung comforter ko, pag tingin ko, may mukha ni Jesus sa pagkakagusot ng comforter. It was his face, exactly,” he said.

Raymundo said he called the attention of his mother, who was sleeping on a couch near his bed, to show her the supposed outline of Jesus’ face. “When she looked at my blanket, she saw it instantly, so she took a picture for remembrance,” he said.


“I woke up the next day, which is day seven,” he narrated. “I opened my eyes, I could see with both eyes, and I asked for a mirror and it was basically this face already… Everything he (Jesus) said would happen, which even the smartest doctor said is impossible, all happened.”

Illinois firefighter reunited with abandoned baby he saved 18 years ago Went on a hunch.

Charlie Heflin said he found baby Skyler abandoned under a tree in an Illinois cemetery in 1995.
Heflin heard the call on a police scanner, and on a whim, he decided to check another cemetery later that night.
A first scan of the lot didn’t turn up anything, but undefeated, he looked again.
“I heard a little whimper when I got close to the tree,” he told the TV station. “I dug down inside this real huge pine tree and found her.”
Heflin found Skyler buried in leaves and covered in blood, her umbilical cord still attached, he said.
“I handed her off to the paramedics and I didn’t see her since,” Heflin said.


Lots of pictures and a video at the link.
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The Feast Of Our Lady Of Fatima-Story of Fatima May 13th 1917 Apparition of Our Lady

Thank you Father John de Marchi,I.M.C.

Our Lady appears

They began to amuse themselves by building a little house with odd-sized stones they picked from the field. Francisco was the architect and principal mechanic in this venture, his sister and cousin supplying the rough materials. Their party had just begun to go well, when they were startled by a vivid flash of light. They dropped the stones from their hands and looked about. They hadn’t expected lightning on a day so fair, but lightning, whether logical or not, meant to them a thunderstorm. Yet the trees were still. There was no wind. The sky was blue as it had ever been.

“But it could mean a storm,” Lucia said; “I think we’d better get ready to go home.”

They began to gather their things and look to the sheep, when suddenly another flash of light, strange and unexplained, held them in speechless wonder. Without volition of their own, they walked a few steps forward, and then, as though compelled, they turned their heads to the right.

They saw a Lady, and she was so beautiful that they were never after able to describe her in terms they believed fitting to her radiance and glory. The Lady was young—no more than sixteen years old, and she appeared to be standing on the topmost fragile leaves of a small oak tree, looking down at them with tender interest.

It was a Lady (Lucia has written), clothed in white, and brighter than the sun, radiating a light more intense and clear than a crystal cup would be, were it filled with sparkling water and lit with burning sunlight.

“Please don’t be afraid of me,” the Lady said to the children; “I’m not going to harm you.”

She looked at them a bit sadly, as though to reproach their lack of confidence. Lucia responded to this reassurance. Politely, but directly, she addressed the Lady.

“Where are you from?”

“I come from heaven,” the Lady said.

This seemed to the children entirely reasonable. They knew of heaven, both from their catechism and the visits of the angel. It simply was that they had never before been able to conceive that even heaven could produce anyone as radiantly beautiful as the Lady standing before them. They gazed in rapture. The Lady wore a white mantle of breathless purity. It was edged with gold and fell to her feet. In her hands the beads of a rosary shone like stars, with its crucifix the most radiant gem of all. Still, Lucia felt no fear. The Lady’s presence produced in her only gladness and confident joy.

“And what do you want of me?” Lucia was brave enough to ask.

“I want you to return here on the thirteenth of each month for the next six months, and at the very same hour,” the Lady said. “Later I shall tell you who I am, and what it is that I most desire. And I shall return here yet a seventh time.”9 Ah, but heaven must be great indeed, thought Lucia, to send as lovely a creature as this. Its gifts and wonders had to be beyond all wild imagining. “And shall I go to heaven?”

“Yes, you will,” the Lady said. “And Jacinta?”

“She will go too.”

“And Francisco?”

“Francisco, too, my dear, but he will first have many Rosaries to say.” Here the Lady’s beautiful and compassionate glance rested for a little while on Francisco, and for reasons we are not qualified to fathom, it held a shade of sadness and disapproval. Somewhere in his little heart the Lady must have read a fault that others could not see.10 In joy they beheld the Lady, while Lucia in her own mind was already populating paradise with friends. She remembered two of her companions who recently had died. And of the Lady then, in her charity, she anxiously asked: “Is Maria Neves in heaven?”

“Yes, she is.”

“And Amelia?”

“She is in purgatory,” the Lady said. That was sad, thought Lucia. Her eyes filled with tears. She looked once again to the Lady, as though there might be something they could do for Amelia. The Lady then asked them a question that concerned not only Amelia, but all the sons and daughters of earth.

“Will you offer yourselves to God, and bear all the sufferings He sends you? In atonement for all the sins that offend Him? And for the conversion of sinners?”

“Oh, we will, we will!” Lucia said for them all.

“Then you will have a great deal to suffer,” the Lady said, “but the grace of God will be with you and will strengthen you.”

As she pronounced these words, she opened her hands, and we were bathed in a heavenly light that appeared to come directly from her hands. The light’s reality cut into our hearts and our souls, and we knew somehow that this light was God, and we could see ourselves embraced in it. By an impulse of clear and exterior grace we fell to our knees, repeating in our hearts: “Oh, Holy Trinity, I adore You. My God, my God, I love You in the Blessed Sacrament.”

The children remained kneeling in the flood of this wondrous light, until the Lady spoke again of things that seemed to them strange.

“Say the Rosary every day,” she directed, “to bring peace to the world and an end to the war.”

Actually they did not know about war and peace. Amelia and Maria Neves were far more real, but they would obey, just the same; they would remember this, and the Lady seemed to know that they would. She was leaving them now. She was rising and passing from sight….

She began to rise slowly (Lucia has testified), moving to the eastward until she disappeared in the blaze of light that cut her path away and beyond our vision…


man says the Lord appeared to him telling him to get up and out of his home moments before it went up in flames.

Did Divine Intervention Save This Man From The Flames?
May 9, 2014 – 9:22 AM

A Roswell, New Mexico man says the Lord appeared to him telling him to get up and out of his home moments before it went up in flames.

Is Harvard hosting a Black Mass?

Is Harvard hosting a Black Mass?—UPDATED
The Deacon’s Bench ^ | May 7, 2014 | Deacon Greg Kendra
Posted on May 7, 2014 5:17:22 PM EDT by NYer

This has popped up on Facebook in several places, so it seems worth noting.

Several bloggers have gotten emails announcing this event for next week, and Women of Grace has details:

The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club is hosting a black mass on May 12 to be staged by The Satanic Temple and which will include a consecrated host.

According to a press release from The Satanic Temple, they plan on presenting the black mass at the Queens Head Pub in Memorial Hall, 45 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA along with “an academic narration that explores the ritual’s unique history and practice.”

Priya Dua, of The Satanic Temple’s Public Relations office confirmed to us in an e-mail that “Yes, there will be a consecrated host at the black mass.”

This sounds, frankly, incredible. If it’s true, this is horrifying.

If it’s true.


The only source for this, right now, is The Satanic Temple, through its emails and flyers that have been posted around Harvard.

I could find no listing online for the “Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club” — and the website for the Harvard Extension School lists nothing about this event or the “Cultural Studies Club.”

The website for the Queens Head Pub, likewise, lists nothing about this event. The pub, in fact, says it’s closed for the summer.

According to the report at Women of Grace, no one at Harvard has responded to requests for an interview about this, let alone confirmed it.

Again, the only confirmation comes from one source: the “Public Relations Office” of The Satanic Temple.

FWIW, The Satanic Temple is reportedly the same operation involved in erecting that statue of Satan in Oklahoma.

Add it all up, and I’d take all this with a grain of salt until Harvard or a second source can confirm that this event is real.

Meantime: I see my pal Elizabeth Scalia is having similar thoughts.

Stay tuned.

9: 45 am UPDATE: The Harvard Extension School says on its Facebook page, “We are looking into this and will share more information as we have it.”

11:15 am UPDATE: The Harvard Extension School has issued a statement. Tellingly, the school does not mention that the “controversial student event” includes a Satanic ritual that mimics and mocks a sacred liturgy, the Catholic Mass. How brave of them.

The statement:

An independent student organization, the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club, plans to host a controversial student event.

Students at Harvard Extension School, like students at colleges across the nation, organize and operate a number of independent student organizations, representing a wide range of student interests.

Harvard Extension School does not endorse the views or activities of any independent student organization. But we do support the rights of our students and faculty to speak and assemble freely.

In this case, we understand that this independent student organization, the Cultural Studies Club, is hosting a series of events—including a Shinto tea ceremony, a Shaker exhibition, and a Buddhist presentation on meditation—as part of a student-led effort to explore different cultures.

Media inquiries should be directed to Jeff Neal,, in the Harvard University Public Affairs and Communications Office.