The site of  the Holy Veil of Manoppello to be declared a shrine on December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception

The veil is 17 centimeters long and 24 centimeters wide, and made of rare, sheer “sea silk” fiber from mollusk called “byssus,” usually found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. The most striking thing about the veil is its transparency. The image remains perfectly visible from either side, yet under certain light, the image disappears.

Pictures at link.

Turmoil now surrounds the alleged visions, apparitions, and locutions of an alleged seer from Itapiranga, Brazil.

Turmoil Surrounds Alleged Seer

Turmoil now surrounds the alleged visions, apparitions, and locutions of an alleged seer from Itapiranga, Brazil.

Image result for edson glauberIt’s as yet unclear what the final stance of the Church will be. The current bishop hasn’t yet rendered a verdict. His predecessor, Monsignor Carillo Gritti, did, informally approving the supernaturality of the events in the 1990s  and consecrating a shrine there though not those occurring since that time (and up to the present). The key visionary, Edson Glauber, still asserts he sees Mary as well as Joseph and Jesus. He has appeared twice in the New York area as well as extensively in Italy and Slovenia.

But last February — unbeknownst to the Catholic media — the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome apparently issued an internal letter of warning after receiving a letter concerning the shrine and alleged apparitions. (We are still refining translations of it.)

In that note, according to rough preliminary interpretation, the Congregation strongly recommended that the local prelate “take all necessary measures” not to broadcast Glauber’s messages “from the prelature of Itacoatiara” (the local diocese). The document cited problems with a priest involved at the apparition’s shrine — which had been consecrated by Bishop Gritti (who is now deceased).

It also suggested there be “no further mention of worship celebrated in the shrine dedicated to ‘Our Lady Queen of the Rosary and Peace of Itapiranga.’”

And it asked Glauber as well as an organization associated with his apparitions to refrain from further dissemination of messages.

Image result for mark miravalleIt’s unclear whether the Congregation’s recommendations — strongly worded, according to that preliminary translation — pertain to reputed messages received recently or also to those from the 1990s that met with tacit approval (and that were thus the focus of articles on Catholic news websites). 

Those messages, as well as some more recent ones, are also the focus of a book by a major Marian theologian, Dr. Mark Miravalle, of Franciscan University, who understood the situation as having met with at least partial approval.

Thus does confusion reign.

We attempted more than a month ago to contact the Diocese of Itacoatiara but have not yet met with success. While deciding, last summer, not to attend his apparitions in the U.S., we as yet withhold judgment. Glauber declined repeated requests for interviews by Spirit Daily, citing the delicacy of his situation with his bishop. However, the extent of that situation was not known until now.

Bishops in Slovenia and Italy have also been made aware of the Congregation’s recommendations.

Image result for cardinal muellerThat dicastery, under Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, was seen as clamping down on apparitions. It likewise halted public messages from a seer, Ivan Dragicevic, from Medjugorje (first reported here) and put a stop to certain public appearances by other visionaries. In July, Cardinal Müller’s tenure was ended, however, by Pope Francis, who has himself expressed misgivings about daily alleged missives (saying the Virgin was “not a postmaster”).

On July 1, 2017, Pope Francis named Luis Ladaria Ferrer to succeed Müller as Prefect of the CDF.

Those involved with Itapiranga assert that “lies” were spread about the association by a priest after the death of Bishop Gritti and that the decree is thus incomplete and “erroneous.” They complain that it fails to mention a second seer, Glauber’s mother, Maria do Carmo, who likewise met with approval by the now-deceased Bishop Gritti. The Congregation’s document was not a formal “Notification” of condemnation. Nothing has been stated as far as books about the situation.

We will strictly adhere to any final determination by the local bishop and will report any actions or statements he makes.  Those around Glauber indicate they are not “obliged” as yet to enter into silence, though the Congregation’s requests are sure to dampen enthusiasm for the alleged circumstances at this remote city along the Amazon.

Turmoil Surrounds Alleged Seer

How Eucharistic miracles show Christ’s blood type

Christ’s blood type

Scientific testing on a wide variety of Eucharistic miracles consistently shows human flesh with blood group AB

Catholic doctrine has always held that, upon consecration at Mass, Christ becomes truly and substantially present in the bread and wine on the altar.

Over the centuries, however, there have been numerous reports of consecrated Hosts literally turning to physical flesh and blood.

One such miracle happened in 8th Century Lanciano, where a priest who was doubting the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist saw the bread and wine transform into human flesh and blood as he said the words of consecration.

Over 1,200 years later, that flesh has not decomposed and is still preserved at the Church of San Francesco in the Italian town. Odoardo Linoli, a professor of anatomy, conducted a scientific analysis in 1971 and concluded the flesh was human cardiac tissue of blood group AB. The blood was still fresh, yet contained no trace of preservatives.

The AB blood group, which is relatively uncommon, does indeed keep appearing in reported miracles.

In 1996, a woman approached a priest in a Buenos Aires parish to say she had found a desecrated Host in a candleholder at the back of the church. When the priest put the Host in a glass of water to dissolve, as is specified in canon law, it appeared to turn into a piece of bloody flesh.

Three years later, after the flesh had not decomposed, a certain Bishop Jorge Bergoglio sent a sample for testing in California. The results came back that the blood was group AB, and was indeed human.

Another sample was later to Dr Zugiba of Columbia University, a renowned cardiologist, who concluded the tissue was a fragment of heart muscle that had “been under severe stress, as if the owner had been beaten severely about the chest”.

A later analysis of the results from the Buenos Aires miracle and that of the Lanciano miracle over a millennium earlier, found the tissue samples had the same DNA.

Meanwhile, tests in the mid-1990s on a third miracle, the Corporal of Bolsena (13th century), also found that traces of blood were group AB, the same result as tests on blood specks on the Shroud of Turin among others.

Of course, this could all just be a massive coincidence, or Dan Brown-style Church conspiracy to plant fresh blood and tissue samples on miracles across the world just before they are tested, but the chances are remote.

As the Church celebrates the feast of Corpus Christi, Catholics should remember this key doctrine of the faith – scientifically verified, it seems.

Tennessee Homeowner Credits Jesus Christ After Georgia Fugitives Surrender in His Driveway

Photo Credit: Tennessee Borough of Investigations

CHRISTIANA, Tenn. — A Tennessee homeowner rejected the label of hero and instead pointed to Jesus Christ while speaking at a press conference on Friday about the capture of two escaped Georgia inmates who murdered two correctional officers while in transport to another prison.

Patrick Hale, 35, says that he had been alerted by friends on Thursday night that the convicts, Ricky Dubose and Donne Rowe, were in the area and had been in a shootout with police. He loaded his guns in the event that he needed to protect himself and his daughter. His wife was not home at the time.

Within minutes, Hale saw the two men cross a barbed-wire fence 300 yards from his back door. He called 911.


“I prayed like I have never prayed before,” Hale recalled.

Pondering whether he should stay or leave, Hale decided to grab his daughter and leave the property. As he began backing out of his driveway, he saw that the convicts had drawn even closer.

But then something strange happened.

“They began to take off their shirts and start waving at us as if to slow us down,” Hale outlined.

Much to his surprise, the men laid down in his driveway in a position of surrender. The situation took him aback.

“I realized I had two ex-cons wanted for murder who had just shot at law enforcement [and] who had nothing to lose, and for some reason they surrendered and laid down on the concrete in my driveway,” Hale said. “If that doesn’t make you believe in Jesus Christ, I don’t know what does.”

As Holy Week Begins, Strange Things.Church of the Holy Sepulcher Holy Icon of Christ the Crucifix Eyes open.Pics


An interesting start to Holy Week, as we hear various unusual reports.

cru8At the Church of the Holy Sepulcher — the holiest spot this time of year, and for that matter any time — Orthodox priests reportedly saw rays shining from the Holy Icon of Christ the Crucifix.  “When they went to examine the strange light they discovered the icon had its eyes open,” says a report. “Some of the priests posted the images on social media. Could this be a sign of the times or a miracle?” 

A priest there tells us it was for just a few hours on one particular day, but apparently it occurred as recently as March 29 and by one report also in February. Are both eyes opened in the shot above? (Naturally, there is controversy over one priest there.)cru7

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the region — in Syria — we learn of a sacred community where legend has it the Virgin Mary stayed.
This is in the besieged province of Hama at a town called Mhardeh, according to Sputnik News, which was reporting on a number of Russian militia and their families there. The population, it seems, almost exclusively consists of Orthodox Christians, about 20,000 in all, though many fled with families during recent violence.

 Will terrorists — who have their eyes on it — destroy this place?

Says Sputnik: “[A] small church is located near the city center. Its doors are hanging quite low on purpose so that everyone who wants to enter it has to bow in respect. Everything inside looks modest and there is almost no light, only burning candles under the images of the holy saints and in front of the altar. ‘Mhardeh is an extremely important city for Christians. In the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it is believed that Virgin Mary was here for some time in this room to the right of the altar,’ the guardian of the church told [our correspondent].”

According to the correspondent, inside a room at the altar where the Virgin Mary spent several days of her life, “one can feel shivers running down their spine.” As the newspaper adds: “Just about four kilometers from this historically sacred place there are terrorists who are ready to turn this place into a heap of stones as soon as they get a chance. But the residents of Mhardeh believe that the government forces will liberate the neighboring Halfaya and in the near future they will defeat terrorists in Idlib. However, to date, no one is in a hurry to bring their families back and everyone keeps their weapons close by.” Prayer urgency…

Isn’t it interesting that all this comes out as Holy Week is here and all eyes internationally are on Syria — and the U.S. strike after a horrendous government gas attack? (We say alleged, because, stranger yet, Catholic bishops in Syria believe an investigation should have been conducted before declaring it such and taking action).

Upheaval; watch!

Our strange time. 

But, then, times have always been strange.

Looking back at things related to the Crucifixion, we note a long-ago report in Harper’s Weekly (50-715) to the effect that in Patrick County, Virginia (where the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains conjoin), numerous tiny stone crosses were once found — as if from nowhere. From what I can determine, this was in the 1860s (again, conflict: Civil War-time).

They ranged in weight from a quarter of an ounce to a full ounce. It also made Scientific America (79-395), that some of them were no bigger than a pin.

Most were on Bull Mountain. Some were also found in two other states.

Some were Roman Crosses. The St. Andrew Cross. Some Maltese.

They were called “fairy crosses” by one cynical scribe of the arcane. We declare nescience.

Geologists said they were simply crystals.

Others decided that science might not be able to quite explain (let’s go back to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher) quite everything…

As Holy Week Begins, Strange Things

Statue wept when she kissed it: CNY woman remembered for ‘miracle’ that drew thousands + Video

Statue wept when she kissed it: CNY woman remembered for ‘miracle’ that drew thousands

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Thousands of people flocked to a home on Hawley Avenue in Syracuse in 1949 to witness what some called a miracle.

An 11-year-old girl found a broken head of a religious statue in her yard and as she kissed the head, tears appeared to form in the eyes of the plaster statue of Saint Ann, the mother of the Virgin Mary.

“I have no powers. I’m a little girl,” Shirley Anne Martin said in 1949 and repeated in 1999 to The Post-Standard.

Martin – who married and became Shirley Hamlin and lived in Oswego County –  passed away Monday at 79 years old.

The event, which was called a “phenomenon” by her childhood Catholic church in Syracuse, was recalled in Hamlin’s obituary.

“At the age of 11, something amazing happened; Shirley kissed a statue of Saint Ann, tears flowed from the statue’s eyes and this continued for years,” the obituary reads.

In 1999, 50 years after, Hamlin recalled what the media called “the statue that cried.”More IN FO.

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