Flamenco dancing priest attracts more parishioners (Video)


For those who imagine the Catholic church in Spain as a solemn place with incense burning, think again, as news comes in from the southern Spanish city of Málaga of a flamenco dancing priest, attracting new followers to his church in a most unusual way.
José Planas Moreno, 66, is known as Father Pepe to his parishioners and is no ordinary, everyday Roman Catholic priest.
Recently interviewed by the local daily newspaper, Diario Sur, Moreno said, “They say if you pray singing its worth two prayers, so if you pray while dancing it must be worth three.”
What Father Pepe does to attract new visitors to his church is to challenge female churchgoers to a literal flamenco face-off, and he does it so well, as can be seen in the video above.
The video was uploaded to YouTube on July 23, and so far the comments are positive, ranging from “Me encanto. Fabuloso!” (I love it. Fabulous!) to “Olé Pepe con tu arte en la parroquia viva tu” (Bravo Pepe, with your art you keep the parish alive).


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