Carberry closes MDM website “Maria Divine Mercy”


Carberry closes MDM website

21 March 2015

Four years after opening her website – – the Catholic “visionary” who took the name Maria Divine Mercy has closed shop.

On 20 March  the internet-only “visionary” permanently closed her website that began in March 2011 as the source of more than 1,200 “messages” from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. “Visions” were backdated from November 2010 and continued to this month. She gained millions of believers, worldwide prayer groups and more than 425,000 Facebook followers.

The immediate cause of the shut down is not known, but the closure comes seven weeks after Mary Carberry, a Dublin, Ireland, resident was revealed by the Irish Mail on Sunday as the true identity of the internet seer. Security cameras caught Carberry hauling more than 300 copies of the Irish Mail to her car the morning the paper was issued.  Pictures of her carrying arm loads of papers earned her front page in the following Sunday’s edition.

Irish Mail commissioned a professional comparison analysis of Carberry’s voice recorded in January 2015 with a radio interview Maria Divine Mercy made in October 2011. Verdict: it’s the same person.  The secret “visionary” had only identified herself as a European business woman with children.

International bloggers had first revealed Carberry, a public relations consultant, as the secret seer in November 2013 posting business documents that linked Carberry to two promoters of Maria Divine Mercy merchandise. In February 2014, in the process of defending Maria Divine Mercy, Carberry’s German business partner identified Carberry as the “seer.”

In April 2014 Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin formally condemned the visions of Maria Divine Mercy as inconsistent with Catholic teaching and forbid their promotion.

The Irish Mail disclosures did not prevent Carberry business partner, retired millionaire dentist Breffni Cully, from offering two MDM seminars in Poland in February and seminars in the Philippines this month.  Did Carberry keep him ‘in the loop’ of her plans to shut down her “vision” enterprise?

There is speculation that the source of  MDM’s “messages” will reveal a new identity for the seer to carry on the momentum of the profitable business venture.  Was Mary on the payroll of a wealthy benefactor as she claimed to Irish Mail on Sunday reporter Michael O’Farrell?  O’Farrell quoted Carberry saying, “I was only doing a job for someone.”