By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter
September 22, 2016|3:30 pm


Hebrew script (Photo: REUTERS/Amir Cohen)

Writings, believed to be ancient Hebrew script from the bible, is displayed on a computer screen at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem July 20, 2015.

An ancient, nearly 1,700-year-old Hebrew scroll has finally been deciphered by using complex digital analysis, revealing that it contains verses from the book of Leviticus in the Bible, scientists announced in a major archaeological breakthrough.

LiveScience┬áreported on Wednesday that the En-Gedi scroll, which for centuries had been unreadable due to a fire that left it charred 1,400 years ago, has now been “virtually unwrapped” by researchers at the University of Kentucky.

“We’re reading a real scroll. It hasn’t been read for millennia. Many thought it was probably impossible to read,” said Brent Seales, a professor in the computer science department at the University of Kentucky.

“The real joy came when [Pnina Shor, an expert with the Israel Antiquities Authority] sent me back the result of having read our first results, because then I knew not only were we seeing writing, but it was readable, because she and her team were able to identify it as a known text, and at that point, we were absolutely jubilant, I have to say,” Seales added, according to Fox News.