Fatima Encircled By 3500 Policemen

Fatima Encircled By 3500 Policemen

The Shrine of Fatima is being heavily guarded so that no pilgrim can access it for the anniversary of the apparitions, media report.

The operation involves 3500 policemen. It takes place in two phases. Until May 12, police will prevent access to the sanctuary, parking lots and surrounding areas, advicing the pilgrims to return home.

The most complicated days will be the days of the apparition (May 12/13). Then, police forces will include officers on horseback, dogs and intervention units, to proctect the sanctuary from the pilgrims.

All access routes to the shrine will be closed. Aljustrel, the village of the three little shepherds (Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta), Valinhos (the site of the August apparition), and the Way of the Cross, will likewise be barred