Testimony of apparitions, Edson Glauber, 29 november 2015, Stella Maris, Finland Video 22 minutes

Published on Dec 3, 2015

Testimony of apparitions of Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saints and Angels of Heaven, that Edson Glauber, a visionary from Brasil has since 1994., in which is reveiled the heavenly oper of the Three Sacred Hearts, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immacolate Heart of Mary and the Chaste Heart of Joseph. In the time from 29th november 2015 to 3rd december 2015 Edson came for the first time to Finland, to the only Marian Sanctuary of Finland, Stella Maris. A great grace for the nation of Finland, that was consacrated to the Immacolate Heart of Mary, by the bishop Teemu Sippo, on the 21st of may 2015.



Edson Glauber was a 22-year old student of economics at the time of the apparitions. He is a kind, stable, and calm, showing himself to be a remarkably balanced person, according to Mons. Rene Laurentin (Dictionary of the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary p. 950).


Mary speaks to the truth of the apparitions of some previous apparitions at Ghiaie di Bonate, Italy, where she introduces herself as the Queen of the family. The young man had never heard of her, nor knew the place. With the spiritual director, an Italian priest, had the opportunity to visit Ghiaie di Bonate, with the permission of his bishop of Manaos. In Italy, in different places, had apparitions of Mary that confirmed his appearances Ghiaie di Bonate and insisted on the recitation of the rosary and penance to save the world ill because of unbelief. There is a great emphasis on prayer, the Holy Mass, confession and communion.

Miracles and signs

Many spiritual fruits of conversion and change of life are associated with this appearance. Thousands of people come every day to Itapiranga. They drink water from the healing fountain. Some doctors have studied the healings there and then sent the results obtained to the Apostolic Prefecture of Itacoatiara.


Bishop Jorge Eduardo Marskell, S.F.M. of Itacoatiara (1975-1998), remained at a distance from the reported healings and other spiritual fruits and apparently was also unfavorable to the apparitions, according to Mons. Rene Laurentin (Dictionary of the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary p. 950).

After five years of general and pastoral verifications, the current bishop of Itacotiara, Archbishop Carillo Gritti, I.M.C.,(2000 – present) publicly celebrated Mass in the place of the apparitions, moreover, in noting the spiritual fruits of his faithful, he worked to contruct a sanctuary. He has met on several occasions with Edson Glauber and other times his mother, Maria do Carmo.

Archbishop Carillo Gritti, I.M.C. of Itacoatiara (2000 – present) approved the supernatural character of the apparitions in a statement issued on May 31, 2009: “CONSIDERING THESE OPINIONS, TESTIMONIES AND DEVELOPMENTS AND pondering all this IN PRAYER AND THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION, EVERYTHING LEADS ME TO FINDING THAT THERE IN APPEARANCES Itapiranga a supernatural origin.”




USTREAM — Live stream of apparitions


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