Satanist to Pour Fake Blood Over Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve

By Mark Judge | December 14, 2015 | 5:01 PM EST

Statue of Baphomet, a depiction of Satan (AP)

An Oklahoma Satanist is planning to pour fake blood over a statue of the Virgin Mary in front of a Catholic church on Christmas Eve.

Adam Daniels told the Oklahoman that he will perform the act outside St. Joseph’s Old Cathedral in Oklahoma City.

“The purpose of the blood is to add another layer of corruption to Mary, which is an emblem of the Catholic Church,” he said. The statue will also be covered, said Daniels, “in sulfur powder and ash.”

The display is entitled “The Virgin Birth is a Lie.” Daniels believes that the virgin birth of Jesus is a fraud. He said that his action is in reaction to protests by the Catholic Church over a Black Mass held in Oklahoma City last year, along with protests at a Baphomet statue unveiling last year and at a book signing by Daniels.

“They continue to protest just about everything we do both here in Oklahoma City and nationally,” he said. “This is a tit-for-tat.”

Mark Judge
Mark Judge
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