Seminole bear attack victim: I prayed and heard Jesus tell me I’d be O.K.


A Seminole County woman was attacked by a bear Saturday night. Video courtesy of FOX 35.

By Rene Stutzman and Steve Hudak, Staff Writer6:58 a.m. EDT, April 14, 2014

Seminole County woman who survived a bear attack over the weekend told WESH-Channel 2 that while in the jaws of a bear, she prayed and heard Jesus speak to her, saying “It’s O.K. you will be at peace.”

Terri Frana, 44, was attacked in the garage of her home near Lake Mary and suffered bite marks to the head, arm and leg and claw marks to her back, according to her husband, Frank Frana, 54.

She told WESH that the bear “started pulling me toward the woods. … I just thought, ‘God, please, this can’t be the end. It can’t end like this. ‘ I literally heard Jesus say to me, ‘It’s O.K., you will be at peace with us.’

“I replied, ‘Please, my kids need me. Then the bear released my head. She let go of my head, and I knew I had to get up off that ground and get away. Otherwise, I was not going to make it.”

Wildlife officials said Sunday night that they shot an aggressive bear and put down others in the area of the attack, although, it was not clear whether any was involved in the attack on Frana.,0,3261521.story
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