Creator of Fake Website Selling Prayers is Forced to Pay Back over $7 Million to Customers

The creator of a fake prayer website, which sold prayers to customers for payment, has been forced to pay restitution of up to $7.5 million to customers he swindled.
Christian Today reports that Benjamin Rogovy, from Seattle, created the for-profit company Christian Prayer Center (CPC) which sold prayers to 125,000 customers for $9-$35 per prayer.
Rogovy created a fake pastor named John Carlson who allegedly ran the website. Rogovy even created a LinkedIn profile for Carlson, describing him as “Senior Pastor, Christian Prayer Center, January 2009-present.”
Rogovy also used the name Eric Johnston as a supposed leader of the company.
The website included “fictitious testimonials from consumers using stock photos that claimed they successfully prayed to avoid home foreclosure, deliver a healthy baby, win the lottery, obtain negative results of an HIV test and put cancer into remission.”
Rogovy is being forced to pay back all the money he took under false pretenses to the victims of the scam.
More here at link.
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