Was AIDS in Africa a ‘forewarning’?

At Kibeho in Rwanda, the Blessed Mother, known there as the “Virgin of the Word,” used the term “forewarning” in relation to what was occurring and would occur there.

That’s interesting language: not a formal “warning” (as long awaited in prophetic circles), but, perhaps, a precursor to a larger warning or warnings.

If so, it will be intense indeed when actual, full-throated, fleshed-out warnings (most likely it will be plural) come.

We have often referred, when speaking of prophecy, and precursors, to the genocide that was predicted by Mary in 1982 in Rwanda — the 800,000 to a million who, twelve years later, were killed in ten short months of incredible bloodletting (a daily rate that even exceeds the Nazi holocaust).

Twelve years before the horrible 1994 killings, the Virgin of the Word had shown the seers piles of decapitated bodies and explained that a “river of blood” would course through Rwanda if that nation headed toward materialism and sensuality.

The apparitions occurred within sight of a church where thousands of Tutsis would later be massacred by Hutus. Blood in fact flowed in small rivulets down church aisles and bodies — decapitated by machete — clogged the River Kagera (Rwanda’s largest waterway).

It is a prophecy that was documented and one reason why the Church ended up sanctioning this apparition (in 2001).

But more to the point — beyond the Dark Continent — the messages, said Mary, were aimed not just there but at the whole world.

It is sobering to think that such a genocide was simply a “forewarning.”

This is all discussed in The Final Hour and Fear of Fire (Kibeho warned of coming religious wars and a great fire).

But the genocide may not have been the only forewarning.

Importantly, a major theme of the messages from Mary at Kibeho had to do with purity, specifically sexual purity.

This was a part of Africa where there was widespread prostitution, especially along truck routes such as the Kinshasa Highway. And here it gets very interesting.

For many believe that the HIV virus may have originated from this very region of Africa — perhaps jumping to humans from monkeys which were eaten as bushmeat near Lake Victoria (as well as traded to nations, such as Belgium, that soon experienced the epidemic) and spread by harlots who plied their trade among the truckers.

During the Kibeho apparitions — and the message on genocide — the Blessed Mother had shown the young seers not only decapitated bodies but strangely abandoned hamlets: huts and homes vacated; desolate areas. And sure enough, during the subsequent outbreak of AIDS — which afflicted mainly heterosexuals in Africa — entire villages were in fact abandoned: ghost towns.

Moreover, the major wave of HIV infection took place in 1994 — the same year as the genocide! In fact, an estimate 250,000 to 500,000 Rwandan women were raped during the mayhem, and seventy percent were infected with HIV. It was one of the truest and most precise prophecies in 2,000 years of recorded Marian appearances — perhaps the most specific.

“Women must stop treating their bodies as instruments of pleasure,” said the Virgin of the Word. “So many are using any means they can to find love and be loved by others. They have forgotten that true love comes from God. Instead of serving Him, they live to serve money.

Woman must use their bodies in a way that glorifies Him, not serve as objects of pleasure for the lust of men. Men must learn to feed the hunger of their spirits, not the desires of their flesh.” Jesus supposedly added (for He was claimed too as appearing): “Tell them all to pray to My mother to intercede on their behalf. The wrong way of living can weigh heavily on your future.” Again: it was an admonition to the world.

As for miracles, the Virgin said:

“Why do you insist on miracles? There are miracles every day, but you do not believe in them. Rather, ask for the light because you are blind. Learn to interpret the signs, wherever they are written, because signs are given to you every day. Happy is he who believes without waiting for miracles, since those who wait for miracles will have difficulty in believing when miracles no longer take place. Their faith will disappear.”



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