A Group of Firefighters Near-Death Experience

All three here at link.

The late Arvin S. Gibson was a retired nuclear engineer, a prominent near-death experience researcher and a co-founder of the Utah chapter of IANDS. His research culminated in the publication of several major works on the subject of NDEs including research on how NDE research supports doctrines of the Mormon (LDS) Church. In 1996, Arvin Gibson interviewed a firefighter named John Hernandez who had a most unusual NDE while working with other firefighters in a forest. What makes it unique is that it happened at the same time as several co-workers were also having an NDE. During their NDEs, they actually met each other and saw each other above their lifeless bodies. All survived and they verified with each other afterwards that the experience actually happened. The following testimonies of Arvin Gibson and John Hernandez can be found in both of Gibson’s books, Fingerprints of God  (Gibson, 1996, pp. 128-31) and They Saw Beyond Death (Gibson, 1999, pp. 128-33).


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