Virgin Mary Allegedly Appears to Coronavirus Patients in Colombian Hospital -Pics

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According accounts from a hospital in Bogotá, Colombia, witnesses believe the Virgin Mary allegedly appeared to COVID-19 patients.

The Colombian television program Primer Impacto of Univisión network reported the alleged apparitions.

The photos show Our Lady in the hospital’s chapel and corridor. Employees of the Reina Sofía Clinic in Bogotá say that Our Lady visits the sick.

Here’s the video explaining the alleged apparitions:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

A doctor said he took the images at the end of his night shift. He noticed a figure in unusual places, including at a corridor and in the chapel.

Witness William Pinzón said he is certain that it is the Virgin Mary. He explains that the second image seen in the hallway is much clearer.

“She largely manifests herself and does not manifest herself on the floor, she manifests herself levitating–she never touches the floor,” he explains.

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