Beirut: The Priest on the Video Talks – Photos Of the Aftermath

The priest who was blown away during a live-streamed Mass after the August 4 explosions in Beirut is Father Marwan Moawad, the parish-priest of Saint Maroun, Bouchrieh, only three kilometres from the explosion.

Father Moawad had started a Maronite Catholic Mass at 6.00 p.m. Only eight people were present because of the coronavirus curfew (, August 6).

Eight minutes later, the church started shaking. Those inside thought this was an earth-quake. The light went out. Then the devastating explosion followed.

The glass shattered and the shrapnel hit those in the church.

A shock wave tore the locked side door off its hinges and threw it into the church.

Everybody was thrown to the other side of the church and fell to the ground. Three persons were superficially injured by glass splinters. Pictures of the Aftermath.

Video at link.

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