Alleged Jesus Apparition Pulls Yaounde-crowds

The duplex in the Minkan neighbourhood now receives over 2,000 people a day.

The Holy Week that ended yesterday, April 20 with Easter Sunday, saw the establishment of an epicentre of faith in the Minkan neighbourhood in Yaounde on the Nsimalen International Airport road, as over 2,000 people continue arriving daily at a modern duplex where many believe they can still see an apparition of the face of Jesus Christ on a wall.
On Thursday, April 17, at 4 pm, crowds of people could be seen queued in front of the gate of the residence where the alleged apparition occurred. While several police men and women controlled the entrance, hundreds of people were in the courtyard in several lines waiting for their turn to see the image.

In groups of 20, they entered the parlour where two adolescents – Fabrice Ondja and Ndoudou Ottou – explained calmly, using pictures of the apparition projected on a flat screen TV and pointing to the fence wall across an open window where, they said, the image of Jesus could still be seen. Enchanted, some visitors placed candles, prayer intentions, flowers and offerings on the tiled floor below the window.

In turns, both adolescents recounted that on Tuesday April 15 at 5:20 pm, the lady of the house, one Amougie Lucie, entered the ninth day of her 15-day fasting period, in which she prayed to see an apparition of Jesus. Picture