Illinois firefighter reunited with abandoned baby he saved 18 years ago Went on a hunch.

Charlie Heflin said he found baby Skyler abandoned under a tree in an Illinois cemetery in 1995.
Heflin heard the call on a police scanner, and on a whim, he decided to check another cemetery later that night.
A first scan of the lot didn’t turn up anything, but undefeated, he looked again.
“I heard a little whimper when I got close to the tree,” he told the TV station. “I dug down inside this real huge pine tree and found her.”
Heflin found Skyler buried in leaves and covered in blood, her umbilical cord still attached, he said.
“I handed her off to the paramedics and I didn’t see her since,” Heflin said.


Lots of pictures and a video at the link.
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