Lance Raymundo’s ‘miracle’: I heard, saw Jesus

More pictures and video here.

“During my delirious state — knowing that I couldn’t be [operated on] for three weeks, knowing that ‘yung life ko 50-50, and with my left eye blind — I had a vision of the future all of a sudden, showing me looking like this, back in the business, all good things. It could be just a good dream, right?” Raymundo narrated.

He recalled hearing a voice he compared to the ominous “Big Brother” from the popular reality TV series. Raymundo explained that he couldn’t pinpoint where the voice was coming from, as it seemed to come from all directions.

“This is exactly what the voice said, in English, sabi niya sa akin: ‘You’re only going to suffer for six days, but on the seventh day, I’m bringing you back, because I have a mission for you. I want you to continue what you’re doing,'” he said.

“So I answered the voice, in my mind. Sabi ko, ‘As much as I’d like to believe this, I know naman na three weeks pa bago ako mabuksan… Sana totoo ‘to, sana hindi ito imagination ko lang.’ Because you know when you’re in that state, you would like to hear what you want to hear, ‘diba?”

The voice, Raymundo recalled, challenged him to sit up on his bed to find “the answer,” as if to disprove his doubts about his recovery.

“The voice said that if I have enough stregth to at least sit down on my bed, I’m going to know the answer… I sat down, I struggled, and then nagulat ako, ‘yung comforter ko, pag tingin ko, may mukha ni Jesus sa pagkakagusot ng comforter. It was his face, exactly,” he said.

Raymundo said he called the attention of his mother, who was sleeping on a couch near his bed, to show her the supposed outline of Jesus’ face. “When she looked at my blanket, she saw it instantly, so she took a picture for remembrance,” he said.


“I woke up the next day, which is day seven,” he narrated. “I opened my eyes, I could see with both eyes, and I asked for a mirror and it was basically this face already… Everything he (Jesus) said would happen, which even the smartest doctor said is impossible, all happened.”

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