Image on CNN Captured Exactly What He Saw-What does Jesus really look like?

Editor’s Note:
TheBlaze’s Cori O’Connor contributed to this report

What does Jesus really look like? It’s a question we’ve explored before and one we recently asked Colton Burpo, the 14-year-old boy who claims he visited heaven and interacted with Christ during a near-death experience back in 2003.

“Well he has brown hair, brown beard, a very bright smile — brightest that I’ve ever seen,” Burpo, the subject of the new film “Heaven Is For Real,” told TheBlaze. “And his eyes were just beautiful sea blue.”

Following his purported experience, Colton’s family spent years trying to find an image that resembled this description. But it wasn’t until 2006 when Glenn Beck featured a young prodigy named Akiane Kramarik on his CNN show that the family found what they had been looking for.

A copy of the painting on sale on (Image source:

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